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LED Towerlights

Light Instant LED Lighting

Quiet 85 dBa LWA

Economical 0.5 ltr/hour

High Floodlight at 9100mm

Long Run Time 170 hours

Safety System AMOSS

Does your lighting tower
offer you all this?

Energy Efficient and Reduced emissions. Uses the
latest lighting technology low energy lights with a fuel saving of
up to 85% against standard metal halide mobile lighting towers

Excellent fuel economy only using 0.5ltr diesel

Fully funded design. No fluids can leak from the unit in the
unlikely event of an internal spillage

Time saving. Up to 170 hours continuous run time on
one tank of fuel

Fully Hydraulic 9.1 metre mast. No hand winching required
using bio-degradable fluids

Robust and sturdy Able to withstand winds of up to 100 kph

The original TCP AMOSS Safety system that prevents
movement of the unit while the mast is raised avoiding
potential safety hazards from overhead structures. TCP AMOSS
provides the ONLY truly mechanical failsafe mechanism

Safer working environment ceramic discharge lamps
provide reduced glare, flicker free and high colour
rendering index lighting

HATZ Diesel Engine that complies with the latest
emissions regulations

Easily Transportable. Compact and
weighing only 750kg


* Energy efficient luminaries providing massive fuel savings
* Lamps are easily adjustable by the average person standing on the ground
* Fully hydraulic single axis mast using Eco-Friendly water based hydraulic system
* 9.1m 360 degree rotating mast with simple push button operation
* Ease of service a key factor of internal design
* Fully adjustable stabiliser legs. Unit can be levelled for use on uneven ground.
* Auxillary power take of available 220v or 110v
* Daisy chain or mains plug in as standard
* Fits across the width of average plant transport vehicle

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